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types of tea :: colors of tea (june, 28, 2005)

After tea became trendy, a great number of tea experts and material on tea have appeared; it is accustomed to start the telling of kinds of teas with the words “There is a pretty great confusion in the classification of teas…”

types of tea :: darjeelings (june, 28, 2005)

I like them a lot, these very North-Indian teas, Darjeelings. I like the whole variety of them — from exquisite and delicate teas from the Tukdah estate to rather plain and even coarsish Nepal teas (they are grown at the same foothills of Himalayas but in another country). When I leave home for different conferences where I have to live on tea bags and begin to miss good tea — I miss Darjeelings.

types of tea :: tea bags: to use or not… (june, 28, 2005)

Tea bags can be good and bad. This is trite — but the recognition of this fact prevents one from such categorical statements as “Only those who understand nothing in teas can use tea bags”.

drinking tea :: gentleman’s tea kit (june, 28, 2005)

How many different teas should a decent person have on his or her tea shelf? Two? Three? Ten? Thirty? It does not matter. The main thing is to have special teas for every guest and every occasion. So, this time I am going to speak about personal teas, specialty-teas and any other teas.

tea in japan :: japanese tea (june, 06, 2005)

Before I start describing the different kinds of Japanese tea, I would like to make a remark of principle importance for every tea-lover. Japanese teas are rather undemanding. They easily survive hard and over-boiled water, they can be drunk from any ware and brewed in any ware, the proportion of tea leaves and water can be any — depending on how strong you like it. Japanese teas combine with different snacks — starting from traditional Japanese sweets and ending with ordinary cookies and sandwiches. In short, one can experiment with these teas any way one likes. There is only one rule to be obeyed very strictly.

types of tea :: flavored black teas (june, 06, 2005)

Speaking about flavored black teas I will touch upon only more or less traditional kinds — and completely exclude a huge amount of drinks with incredibly strong flavor. These drinks can hardly be called tea — tea leaves are used there more like a basis which holds smells well, than like the source of its own taste and flavor. Experts call such drinks ‘colognes’ or ‘compotes’. By the way, the fact that I will not speak about ‘compotes’ does not mean that they are distasteful or low-quality. It’s just that this article is about tea.