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gentleman’s tea kit

How many different teas should a decent person have on his or her tea shelf? Two? Three? Ten? Thirty? It does not matter. The main thing is to have special teas for every guest and every occasion. So, this time I am going to speak about personal teas, specialty-teas and any other teas.

tea and strong drinks

Admiral tea is like this: take a thin glass in a silver glass-holder, fill it with the strongest hot freshly brewed tea, and add a slice of lemon and three teaspoonfuls of sugar; put a bottle of cognac nearby. Sip some tea; pour in cognac to the brim. Sip some more — and pour in more cognac. When your glass is still full, but the bottle is empty — then you have the true admiral tea…


The order in which the abovementioned snacks should be served is self-evident. Start with substantial and light snacks. After the guests have eaten (that is the first time they have got full), make a pause — satiety disposes to leisurely conversation, and such a pause will afford the guests pleasure and relaxation. The duration of the pause is arbitrary, depending on circumstances. An experienced host will easily know the coming of the psychological moment for serving the second portion of snacks — sweet and fresh.

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