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Пишет d'Arahchjan, 2010-03-06

Учусь сейчас Legal Writing'у.
Дали домашнее задание:

Write a brief instructional letter to a client addressing how to make a cup of tea. Your client is the embassy of a country that you may name. The king of this country was visiting Russia, tasted tea, liked it, and wants to introduce this custom in his country. So the embassy has asked you to instruct them on how to make a cup of tea. You can assume that the country is civilized enough to understand how to use cups and saucers, they can boil water. etc. Assume that they drink hot beverages, but generally coffee and cocoa, not tea. So they may not know specific tea making implements, nor anything about tea. This should be no longer than one to two pages, along the model of the Chef Boyardi letter and Legal River memos that we covered in class today. The purpose of the letter is to practice the structure of a client letter (headings, parts, etc.) and to practice explaining something you know well without making any logical leaps.
Сдается мне, препод-американец про пакетики думал.

Отвечает yee, 2010-03-06

Да, скорее всего про пакетики. Под завариванием чая подразумевается процедура на столько простая, что мы даже об этом не задумываемся о том, как это делается)))