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The idea is very simple.

After the conclusion preliminary agreement to conduct on-line tasting at the base of our community is formed a group of tasters. Moreover, it is formed so that it included, sophisticated tea drinkers tea with a rich experience, beginners and amateurs who have a fresh look and fresh taste.

Partner company, which tea will be tasted, supplying each of tasters with set of tea samples in an amount sufficient to ensure that these samples would taste. And that still remains — a taster must be not only moral but also financial incentive to hard, in general, work.

We, together with specialists from partner companies, develop rules of tea tasting, create a separate thread on our forum — and go ahead more! Tasters try tea in all the interesting ways and record their impressions, opinions and suggestions in our forum.

That’s all. Organization of tasting conjugated with some difficulties — it’s basically connected with the delivery of tea in different cities — but all these difficulties are resolved in due course and without any delay.

What do we get at the end? And at the end we get a classic example of a project in which winners are all participants. About winning of our site and tasters and we will not speak — it’s clear — Tea company which provided tea for tasting, will receive the following «bonuses»:

  • its tea for some time appears in the spotlight of one of the most authoritative and influential Russian tea communities — and it discusses deployed and with pleasure: we are meticulous and friendly;
  • tea company specialists during all the tasting (it usually lasts about two months) receive valuable information about the quality of its tea, and this information is based on the most important source — from qualified consumers;
  • during the tasting ideas constantly generate, gives advice and makes suggestions — this information is invaluable, often it is almost instantly can be converted into business solutions;
  • and finally, company receives a reason for pride — we do not take for tasting uninteresting tea.

You can evaluate character and content of on-line tasting on example of completed events.

In short, if you produce or sell tea and if you do believe in its interest and quality — let’s try it in live Internet broadcast!